We aim to be a carbon positive production facility, we currently follow stirct Policies of No Air, Water or Noise Pollution and most importantly Waste Disposal

Zero Waste Production Facility

  1. all waste generate by production is segregated and sold to be reused as is or by recycling in to new forms.
  • Textile Scrap is shredded and converted into yarn which is re converted into fabric.
  • Left over fabric is sold to stockists after keeping it for the required time as agreed with he client, this fabric is then used to make clothing for the low end domestic market.
  • Electrical waste is sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired or recycled.

2. Waste Water Recycling: Waste water generated from the drinking water filtration, is used for Toilets, watering Plants and Cleaning

3. Rain Water is harvested back to the soil

4. HIgh Energy efficient electrical fitting used all thru the factory.

5. Plants where ever possible to purify the air

6. No use of Fossil Fuels in machinery