Our Vision:

A world that's Cleaner, Greener and Socially Balanced.

About Us:

We are GOTS certified manufacturer of Organic women's clothing and canvas bag. In the past we have worked for Designer labels, Chain Stores and Other clients making all styles as per their requirement. Our experience has motivated us to shift our focus towards complete Sustainability.

We feel responsible for our people and our planet and feel everyone needs to do their bit to make a better world. We strive to become a specialist manufacturer of sustainable textile products. We follow fair trade policies and follow green manufacturing principles to reduce the impact of our work on the environment as much as possible.

For the purpose of transparency and credibility we get our selves audited by GOTS ( Global Organic Trade Standards) for a Complete Audit covering, Social, Environmental, Technical and Quality Parameters. Please visit the Certifications tab to see our Audit Report and Certificate.

The Team:

We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated people who have mostly been with us since the start of their carriers . They have understood the ethics of our company and adhere to them sincerely.

The key people :

  • Harju Bajaj : Managing Director, exposed to the world of fashion from childhood, started the business along with wife Ambika in the year 2004 after completing his Bachelors of Law followed by a Masters in international Business.
  • Ambika Bajaj : Director Merchandising, Ambika and Harju met while doing their Masters, fell in love and have been working together ever since.
  • Deepak Sharma : Manager Production, a sincere and hard worker, Deepak has been with the company since the beginning.
  • Vineet Jugran : Administration,
  • Shyama Sharma : Sampling Manager